Positano - Amalfi - Ravello

duration: 8 hr
Places you will visit: Amalfi Positano Ravello

Discover the pearls of the Amalfi Coast. Beautiful landscapes that attract tourists from around the world.

Positano is a small town overlooking the sea characterized by its typical white houses, firmly anchored to the mountain, and its winding streets full of restaurants, craft shops, clothing stores that seem embedded in the rock.
The atmosphere of Positano is quiet and relaxing, thanks to the combination of the breathtaking views overlooking the sea and the particular architecture unique.

Amalfi, one of the oldest maritime republics, is known for its crystal clear sea, its stunning scenery, but also for its architecture. At the center of the city, in fact, it stands the “Duomo” of the ninth century, with its striking façade decorated with a mosaic in the tympanum century.
We recommend a visit to Arsenal where they built the great galleys of the fleet.

Then continue to discover Ravello, where the natural beauty of the landscape is in harmony with the charm of precious monuments and buildings, such as Villa Rufolo which inspired Wagner who composed his "Parsifal" and where are organized every year, in his honor, a series of musical concerts; Villa Cimbrone with its gardens decorated with marble statues and plants and flowers of every kind; The Cathedral, another highlight of Ravello, built in XI century thanks s Nicolò Rufolo.