Pompeii - Herculaneum

duration: 8 hr
Places you will visit: Pompeii Herculaneum

Pompeii was buried by a pile of lava and ash during the sudden eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD Thanks to the archaeological excavations, which have unearthed architectural remains and more, the city has become one of the major tourist attractions in Italy. Walking through the lanes of the time, it seems to relive a bygone age now gone, thanks to the houses, the shops and tools intact.
Several public buildings were visited, such as the Forum of Pompeii, the market, the building water, called Castellum Aquae, the brothel, the amphitheater, built around 80 BC, the Grand Theatre, the Gymnasium and Spa.
Obviously there were places of worship such as temples, the most important dedicated to Apollo.
Visiting the ruins of Pompeii you get the impression that time has stopped in the time of the eruption, are proof of the casts of the bodies of the victims and make it even more fascinating these places.

The tour continues to Herculaneum, destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, along with Pompeii. It is the only example in the world of the ancient city, which have remained intact whole wooden structures of the houses and furnishings of daily use.